I’d like to take this opportunity to share the wonderful, healthful experience I’ve had (and continue to have) with Kirsi, and the way she’s helped me reach, and retain, a healthy lifestyle. About six years ago, I had quintuple open-heart bypass surgery. Obviously, it’s important for me to eat right and maintain a suitable weight for my frame.

Thanks to Kirsi’s expertise, I was able to drop eleven pounds in about ten weeks—a nice, safe weight loss.

I met Kirsi through a mutual friend, and from that meeting I found out about her website, My Orange Villa. She’s a great health coach; Kirsi has offered me many lifestyle suggestions.

I just wanted to say thank you, Kirsi, for being a big part of my being healthy!

~  Steve Ludwig, Author & Speaker ”See You In CCU”


During the Passion Test process, I got clearer on my passions and gained momentum for planning my business strategy. It transformed my fuzzy ideas and visions into a focused, cohesive list with which I can create the life of my dreams! Thanks for opening my mind to so many possibilities and turning my beliefs around. My passion became reality just a few weeks after taking the Passion Test!


~   Jennifer Alhasa, Intuitive Coach, Radio Host & Advice Columnist, NY, NY


The Passion Test has changed my perspective and mindset on what tasks to put first in life when choosing between them. It has helped me in trying to get my life puzzle together in an everyday setting. I don’t feel guilty going to a café with a friend anymore, when other hard tasks are waiting at the desk. It gave me the tools to better prioritize with a focus on what is really important to me.

After taking the Passion Test I am in a better mood every day, I feel like I am walking on air. I am better at saying no to tasks and people in order to say yes more often to myself and my own goals.

I can really recommend this test whenever you are struggling with what to do or when you want to improve your relationships in life.

~ Tina Wallenius, Art Historian and Politician, Gothenburg, Sweden


Terrific method to identify what you want and who you are. Then to stop wasting time being or doing anything differently.

~ Andrea Hammond, A.H. Nutrition Therapy, NY, NY


“Great workshop! Very helpful information and useful at many levels. Will certainly use this test for years to come – keeps me in check!” ~ Erin M.


“This workshop helped me learn about myself and what truly matters in my life. I’m learning now how to make miracles happen.” ~ Laurie H.


“This was an inspirational and fun way to focus on myself and what I want out of life. Thank you for giving me the instructions on how to start living a passionate life.” ~ Kara, Pennsylvania


“This was an interesting and eye-opening experience. Glad I took the course.” ~ Amanda


“Leave your judgments at home and prepared to be honest with yourself and your passions.” ~ Fritz W.


“I am excited to continue working on my passions. This session came right on time.” ~ Paury Flowers


“Fun, thought provoking.” ~ Joanna Nealon


“The Passion Test” encourages you to define your goals and enthusiastically move toward fulfilling them. I am worth working on.” ~ Jacqui West


“The workshop helped me focus on what I care about, and how to make them happen.”  ~ Ken D.


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