“All I can say is you came into my life at just the right moment! You showed me that stress was a six letter word that we just put on ourselves and with the proper diet and lifestyle we can create our own balanced life. The issues I had before I met you were a stress based hyperactive thyroid, feeling droopy throughout the day and I was starting to gain all the wrong weight (I lost so much weight because of the hyperactive thyroid I began to eat everything I could get my hands on). I was never overweight but I began to feel uncomfortable. And guess what? My thyroid is finally normalizing!

You really are what you eat and all I can say is Thank You from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to a healthier way of living. Thanks to our conversations and adjustments in my diet, my stress levels have begun to lower, my mood has gone back to being happy go lucky, my energy is hyper (which is normally how I have always been, this is GREAT!), and my weight is stabilized, no more fluctuations. My goal was to try to live the healthiest life possible but sometimes we don’t know where to begin. I truly felt as though you held my hand through the whole process. You are a phenomenal coach and it was a pleasure being able to work with you and speak to you.”

Alvalina Gomez                                                                                      

Lodi, NJ

“I wanted to lose weight and understand how to eat healthy.  Kirsi was not only extremely knowledgeable and informative, but her work focused on me as an individual.  In the past, I was confused about all the dietary & health information out there and didn’t understand how to apply the information to MY body and lifestyle.  We are all different!  Kirsi is extremely enthusiastic and caring.  She outlined the steps to understand my body and the best way to achieve my goals.  I always looked forward to our coaching calls, and we always had fun during them and made each other laugh.  As a result, I lost 20 pounds and feel great!

Bob Kern

New York, NY

I’d like to take this opportunity to share the wonderful, healthful experience I’ve had (and continue to have) with Kirsi, and the way she’s helped me reach, and retain, a healthy lifestyle. About six years ago, I had quintuple open-heart bypass surgery. Obviously, it’s important for me to eat right and maintain a suitable weight for my frame.

Thanks to Kirsi’s expertise, I was able to drop eleven pounds in about ten weeks—a nice, safe weight loss. She’s a great health coach; Kirsi has offered me many lifestyle suggestions. I just wanted to say thank you, Kirsi, for being a big part of my being healthy!”

Steve Ludwig

Author & Speaker ”See You In CCU”

Fort Lee, NJ

“I wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and control my sugar cravings.  I learned a lot about eating better foods for my health that would assist me in curbing my sugar cravings. I have learned how to read labels on food more carefully and interpret them. This has aided me in selecting products off the shelves especially when they contain sugar as I want to limit my intake. I tried some new foods that I really enjoyed as well. Kirsi is a great listener and very caring which not only made my journey to health possible, but got me motivated and helped me through my challenging times.  I was 100% satisfied with my experience, I would recommend Kirsi and would love to work with her again!”

Lisa B.

New York, NY

“Thanks to Kirsi, I revamped my way of eating to improve my health and avoid diabetes. I had been diagnosed as prediabetic when we started working together to improve my health.  I ate more fresh whole foods, more veggies, and really enjoyed it. She made the whole experience not only tolerable, but rewarding. In 4 months, I lost 12 lbs., my cholesterol level went down by dramatically and best of all I am no longer in the prediabetic zone. Kirsi is very knowledgeable and explained everything in a way that motivated me to eat better.  I truly enjoyed working with her and I highly recommend her!”

Brian Z.

New York, NY


I am writing to thank you for your valuable health coaching.  Besides losing 12 pounds in about 2 ½ months I learned a great deal about how to control my hunger rages.

Before we began I was always hungry and anxious and used food to calm down. However, it didn’t work.

The greatest thing I learned from our sessions is how to be conscious of how eating the wrong foods will increase my appetite. I now make better choices, especially about sugar levels in food and drink and I manage to stay focused on what I am eating. And when possible I read labels to be conscious of the sugar levels in the food I am eating.

Being thinner and in control has reduced my stress level.  Thank you for your service.

Jerry Palumberi

New York, NY

“I had always considered myself a relatively health conscious person. I exercised regularly and ate well enough.  With Kirsi’s program I have learned so much about my body, food, and how easy it is to make little changes to get yourself on the road to a healthy life style.  Kirsi took the time to really work with me, she truly listened and addressed my concerns, and gave great suggestions based on my needs for eating the right foods and increasing my energy level. This program really taught me so much.  It was a lesson in health and a lesson in food.  Kirsi helped me understand how I could take control of both and start feeling my best!  Kirsi’s program made me accountable for my choices and changed my views toward food and provided me with an education that I was lacking. Coffee was my vice and by cutting it out of my life I feel half my age now. Working with Kirsi changed my life. I am a stronger, more energetic and happier person as a result.

 Susan W.

New York, NY


“I had the opportunity of working with Kirsi, initially for weight loss. The short-term results were fantastic: I lost 15 pounds of fat within one month. I decided at that time to change my goal to increasing muscle mass; Kirsi adjusted accordingly and quickly. She made diet and supplement recommendations that incredibly improved my energy. She was up to date with the most recent studies made at major medical facilities, and was able to keep me focused with her approach to following up with me. For the first time in years I actually felt healthy, enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror, and gained increasing confidence. My mood improved drastically, and I found that I no longer craved the foods that got me into trouble in the first place. Kirsi always remembered my situation and did not confuse me with her other clients. I’ve lost three belt sizes in two months, and haven’t had problems keeping the weight off. I would highly recommend Kirsi if you find yourself overweight, lacking confidence in your physicality, or crave foods that you know are bad for you.”

Dan T.

New York, NY