How can keeping a weight-loss journal help me lose weight?

This is a top weight loss question on Dr. Oz’s Sharecare community that I answered and I want to share my answer with you too.

Keeping track of your weight loss in a journal can certainly help you lose weight. Setbacks can come but it’s important to focus on your ultimate weight loss goal and successes along the way. It will help keep you motivated. Try especially recording what you are eating in a food diary. It can help bring awareness to your eating and daily lifestyle habits.  If you experience certain signs and symptoms from foods, a food diary can be a useful reference to track possible food allergens or sensitivities that could be the reason why you have been gaining weight and even why you are not losing it as easily.

Try tuning into how you feel both physically and emotionally before, during and after meals and beverages. It can help you understand the relationship you have with eating certain foods that can be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. For example do you eat unhealthy foods or sweets when you are angry, stressed, sad or even excited? If so, try doing an activity you enjoy like listening to music, talking to a friend, etc. instead of going for the unhealthy treat.

If you happen to miss recording certain meals or foods – don’t stress. You can always pick up from where you left off. Once you begin to make clear connections between physical symptoms, emotions and food – you may find that you no longer need to record everything you eat.