How can I control my food cravings?

This is one of the top weight loss questions that I answered on Dr. Oz’s Sharecare community and I want to share with you too.

Here are my top tips to reduce your cravings:

  1. Eat the right carbs. A sugar craving is simply your body asking for energy. When sugar is digested in the body it becomes glucose. Glucose is what fuels our body and cells and essential for maintaining your energy levels.  Eating the right type of carbs helps your body maintain a steady flow of energy into the body and wards off blood sugar highs and lows. All carbs contain sugar but depending on their chemical structures – simple or complex – they are processed differently. Most simple carbs are highly processed, contain refined sugars and have little or no nutrients which you will find in many processed foods. Instead go for natural foods like fruit which do contain naturally occurring simple sugars but are high in fiber so it helps slow down digestion limiting the amount of sugar that flows into the cells. Try whole grains too like brown rice, quinoa, barley or even millet. Sweet vegetables can be really effective as well to ward off sugar cravings. Try carrots, sweet potatoes and beets.


  1.  Find balance. Eating a balanced diet coupled with a balanced lifestyle is key to being healthy, maintaining your ideal weight and reducing cravings. Our bodies sometimes trigger a craving in us when we are off balance. For example eating a diet too rich in sugar may cause a craving for meat. Foods that maintain balance and help curb your cravings are whole grains, beans, vegetables and dark leafy greens.


  1. Do something you love. Often we feel a need to reach out for our favorite food when we are stressed, anxious, bored or even just sad. Instead of reaching out for the oreo or bag of chips when our emotions get the better of us do something you enjoy. Talk to a friend, go on a walk or to the gym, dance, sing or whatever makes your heart sing.