How can I keep off weight once I have lost it?

This is a recent question I answered as a health expert member of Dr. Oz’s Sharecare community. Here are the top 4 tips I give my weight loss clients for lasting weight loss:

  1. Support. Have family and friends that support your healthy habits and help you maintain them. The good habits of your friends can rub off on you. Studies have shown that women whose close friends had healthy habits like exercise and eating healthy foods were more likely to take up those habits themselves.  Watch out, unhealthy habits are just as likely to rub off on you too.
  2. Be easy on yourself and don’t restrict yourself too much. You may lapse and have something that is fatty and unhealthy. That’s ok. I advise many of my clients to have a cheat meal about once a week. Being on a very restrictive diet can set you up for binging and packing on the pounds again.
  3. Pick out foods that are satisfying and use good judgment around food. Don’t think in terms of this food is good or bad INSTEAD think is this food nutritious or not nutritious. Take into consideration what you have eaten that day and what you’re going to eat to make a good decision on what you’re going to put into your mouth.
  4. Be in-tune with what your body is telling you. Identify the signals your body is giving you when you are truly hungry (difficulty focusing, light headedness, growling stomach).  If you are not truly hungry and just want to eat for comfort go on a walk, do exercise you love or something you enjoy to take your mind off of food.