Make 2013 your year for change…

Want to start a business or grow your business to new heights? I thought you might like what my own mentor Ali Brown shared with me this week…

You’ve probably heard of Ali from her transformational experience
on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire”, or perhaps her being one of
Forbes’ “Women to Watch”. But I’ve gotten to know her well by
being in her Elevate program. Here’s what Ali shared with me, and
I think it’ll strike a chord with you too…

Whether you realize it or not, the past few years have been a bit
wonky for many of us. *If you feel you’ve been “tested” in any
way*–emotionally, spiritually, financially–you’re not alone.

The reasons for this are numerous, and whether you look at the
situation from a practical, economical point of view… or a
spiritual, energetic point of view, *CHANGE has been in the air
in a powerful way*.

The good news is, these tremendous shifts have pointed the way
and *opened the door to what will be one of the most POWERFUL
years of our lifetimes*.

But making this YOUR year that you finally create the life you’ve
always wanted is *up to YOU*.

*On Tuesday, January 15, Ali wants to show you what’s possible
when you say “YES”*. To align your passion with your purpose and
make wild profits to boot. To live in integrity with who you are
while making a handsome living. To claim 2013 as the year you
finally MAKE IT HAPPEN. Whether your goal is simply to *make a
full-time income* or build a million-dollar-plus enterprise.

You’re invited to join Ali and my Elevate coaches James Roche and
Joy Chudacoff for a *FREE one-time livecast on January 15*.
They’ve put together a unique mix of *big-picture strategy* along
with *specific, step-by-step training LIVE*–and it’s all
designed to help you start or grow your business in 2013!

Get all the details and reserve your free spot here.

To your health and happiness,

P.S. Ali’s got some *fun prizes ready to give away* too, as a
special thank-you for joining. Go to this page to get all the
details by clicking here.