Love What You Do For Your Own Health

Your work and what you do day in and day out in your job or business can definitely have a huge impact on your health. The stress that comes from the every day grind of dealing with a long to do list, seemingly unrealistic demands and being on call 24/7 can make your blood pressure sky rocket and drain your energy.


Does this sound like you?

“My job feels like a prison”

“All I do is work, I don’t have a life anymore”

“Everyone around me is negative”

It’s time to stop and assess the situation. Your job and career can be making you miserable and unproductive and unhealthy. What are the signs?

  • Increased anxiety : You live in a constant state of worry. You worry that you are doing something wrong or that if you make a mistake, you may lose your career. You may fear that you can’t keep up with your workload. An anxious mindset often leads to mistakes.
  • You Feel Angry: You are irritable or short-tempered with those around you. You lack patience or you participate in blaming others. Too many demands and less time to meet them can create hostility.
  • Lack of control:  This can mean you feel ignored or you are unable to say no to something. When work pressures increase and you have little input on how the work will be done, you can feel powerless and stuck.
  • Loss of confidence:  you start doubting your abilities to do your job. Comparing yourself to other people and being reminded you are not meeting expectations can make you lose confidence.

There is hope, being aware of this situation is the first step to overcoming it. The good news is you can take back your life and find happiness in your career and business. Check out my next blog where a small business owner shares how she stays happy and healthy.