Is Yoga All That It Is Hyped Up To Be?

Millions and millions of Americans practice yoga on a regular basis. You see it popping up everywhere, there seem to be yoga studios around every corner at least here in New York.

Yoga originally started in ancient India as a mind-body therapy and it is growing more and more popular in the US. Yoga is made up of several things: physical postures; breathing techniques; and meditation and relaxation. While yoga has not been proven as a cure for any particular disease, practicing yoga can give many potential health benefits.

I decided to take yoga to the test. I have not been practicing yoga for a good ten years. I used to do ashtanga yoga, but as my life got busier and I moved around a lot it got left behind. But I thought I’d give yoga another try. I went for a beginner’s class called yin yan yoga at a local yoga studio called Pure Yoga in the upper west side of NYC. What a beautiful studio, I immediately felt relaxed after walking in from the noise on NYC’s busy streets.

The Yin Yan class was a restorative class which basically means that you do poses that balance each other out.

This 1 and a half hour class flew by and did not seem hard at all. In fact it felt really good. I loved it! The feeling I had afterwards was amazing, I felt so calm and focused. I have not had that sensation in a long time. It was a great work out to boot. The next day I had sore muscles even though I exercise every day. Pretty amazing!