Surprising Things That Can Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts PART II

Protein is not the only thing you are getting from your meat. There is a good chance that you are also putting all the hormones the animal was fed to help it grow faster into your own body. Stephen Perrine, gets to the heart of it in his book “The New American Diet: How Secret “Obesogens” Are Making Us Fat, and the 6-Week Plan That Will Flatten Your Belly for Good!” He says that “the problem is that these chemicals are having the same effect on us that they’re having on the animals. Fat cows, fat pigs, fat chickens—fat people.” To make sure you are not consuming steroids choose hormone-free beef and rBGH-free dairy products at the supermarket. Foods that carry the “USDA-certified organic” label cannot contain any artificial hormones. If you are purchasing sustainably raised foods without the “organic” label, be sure to check with the farmer to ensure no additional hormones have been administered.