Surprising Things That Can Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts PART I

You are doing it all, following all the good advice out there. You are eating a balanced diet with veggies and whole grains. You eat decent sized portions. You work out, you exercise a whole lot. So what gives? You cannot seem to get to your ideal weight.
You are putting your body into “emergency mode”.
John Douillard, Ph.D, author of “The 3 Season Diet”, talks about the surprising effects of stress on the body. Are you trying to juggle it all? Are you running around all day? Stop and consider your stress levels. According to him, “Under stress, the body produces a…hormone called cortisol, which triggers [it] to dump stored sugar from the liver and muscles into the bloodstream.” Your insulin level goes up, which stops you from burning fat and tells your body to store the fat for later use. Try slowing down and reducing your stress. Great things to try are deep breathing, yoga, spending time in a quiet park or taking some time for yourself.