Simple Weight Loss Tip #1

The way you eat can have a huge impact on your weight. Many people go through their day inhaling their food

and they end up overeating. Are you one of them?

Want to know the secrets of eating like a “skinny” person? Here are some of their eating habits that you can start using to get to your ideal weight.

  1. “Skinny people” eat when they are reasonably hungry, not when they are starving or not hungry at all. Eating when you’re starved can make you eat too quickly and you can end up overeating. Food can even taste better when you eat when you are just reasonably hungry. Think of reasonably hungry as a 5 on a scale of 0 to 10.
  2. They pick out foods that are satisfying and use good judgment around food. They don’t think in terms of this food is good or bad INSTEAD they think is this food nutritious or not nutritious. Take into consideration what you have eaten that day and what you’re going to eat to make a good decision on what you’re going to put into your mouth.

They are in-tune with what their body is telling them. They can really identify the signals their body is giving them when they are truly hungry (difficulty focusing, light headedness, growling stomach). They are aware of what their food tastes like. They chew slowly, eat slowly and are fully focused on eating.

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