Want to feel and be happy? It is easier than you think….

Happiness is something we CAN choose, every second of every day.

Want to find out how? Read these tips:

  1. Smile. Has this ever happened to you? You get cut off in traffic and you start huffing and puffing, maybe even yelling? How about smiling back at the person? It’ll definitely shift your mood. The situation may be out of your control but you get to decide how you will react. It is empowering to realize it’s up to you whether you’re going to be happy or angry.
  2. Acts of kindness, even small ones can pay off. According to research it may lower stress hormones. Research also suggests that both kindness and happiness form what’s called a positive feedback loop meaning you will be likely to perform an act of kindness over again. So go out and pay for the person’s coffee who is standing behind you in line. You may just make someone’s day.
  3. Bring out the inner child. Ever see children play? They are really living in the moment and you can do that too. It’ll make your day so much happier. How? For one slow down, really take notice of what is happening around you and ask as you’re experiencing it “what do we want to remember from this day?” whether that’s a vacation/lunch with a friend/walk in the park. Or try this pretend it’s just about to end. For example talk to your mom like it could be the last time. It may sound gloomy but it works. When we realize how fleeting things can be we are more fully in the moment.
  4. Get your flow on. Have you ever been so engrossed in something you just lose track of time? Hiking? Doing yoga? This loss of self-conciousness is called “flow”. Research shows there is a relation between flow and happiness.  Go do what you love.

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