Passion Test 1 on 1

You are guaranteed to discover your top 5 passions and learn 6 simple, powerful tools that allow you to live a life that is fully aligned with them.

Your personal Passion Test 1 on 1 includes TWO 1-hour sessions with me on the phone or via skype.

Session #1 (1 hour)

Before Session #1 you’ll complete a fun “HomePlay” assignment to prepare you for taking The Passion Test.

  • Find out why The Passion Test is such a simple and powerful tool for getting clear on your life purpose
  • You’ll discover your top 5 passions
  • Learn the 3 step process for making your passions a reality in your life
  • Discover a strategy that will ensure that you’ll always live a life that’s aligned with your passions
  • Come away with 3 tools that you can use immediately to move closer to your passions

You’ll have 3 simple “HomePlay” assignments after Session #1 to complete in preparation for Session #2.

Session #2 (1 hour)

The second session takes place about a week after Session #1

  • You’ll define what your life will be like when you are fully living your passions
  • Learn a simple process to keep you on track for a life of joy and fulfillment
  • You’ll be introduced to an amazing process called The Work (that was featured on 3 episodes of Oprah’s Soul Series) that helps you examine your thoughts and move through any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from fully living your passions
  • Learn 3 more easy and powerful tools that can keep your life aligned with your passions

Great Value

You can be anywhere in the world. I will accommodate to your schedule and time zone. This is a life-changing process so sign up now!

ONLY $297.00


Money Back Guarantee

If after the first 1 hour session you don’t know your top 5 passions and have more clarity about what’s most important to you in your life then I will refund your money. No questions asked.

 Raving Reviews

“My Passion Became Reality”

During the Passion Test process, I got clearer on my passions and gained momentum for planning my business strategy. It transformed my fuzzy ideas and visions into a focused, cohesive list with which I can create the life of my dreams! Thanks Kirsi, for opening my mind to so many possibilities and turning my beliefs around. My passion became reality just a few weeks after taking the Passion Test!

~   Jennifer Alhasa, Intuitive Coach, Radio Host & Advice Columnist, NY, NY


“I Feel Like I am Walking On Air”

The Passion Test has changed my perspective and mindset on what tasks to put first in life when choosing between them. It has helped me in trying to get my life puzzle together in an everyday setting. I don’t feel guilty going to a café with a friend anymore, when other hard tasks are waiting at the desk. It gave me the tools to better prioritize with a focus on what is really important to me.

After taking the Passion Test I am in a better mood every day, I feel like I am walking on air. I am better at saying no to tasks and people in order to say yes more often to myself and my own goals.

I can really recommend this test whenever you are struggling with what to do or when you want to improve your relationships in life. Thanks Kirsi!

~ Tina Wallenius, Art Historian and Politician, Gothenburg, Sweden


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